Introduction to Social Media for Internet Sellers

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One of the important strategies for web traffic are the social media!

This is a summary simplified to know the subject, oriented to the sales area.

The media are just one of many ways to get web traffic.
Large sites of social media are kings of traffic on the web. Such as Facebook is number 2 on Alexa, YouTube is 3, Twitter is 9, etc ..
There are literally thousands of social media sites, covering dozens of categories,

Social MediaSocial networking sites: Such as Facebook and Linked-In

Microblogging sites: Twitter

Video sharing sites: YouTube, Vimeo

Photo sharing sites: Flickr, PhotoBucket

Consumer review sites: Yelp

Links to share social sites: Digg, Reddit, Delicious

Social gaming sites: WoW, The Sims, Second Life

Although there are thousands of social sites and traffic can be obtained in most of them, it is more effective to focus on the most concentrated sites traffic:

My selections in 1st level:
Facebook, Google +, YouTube and Twitter

My selections of second level:
Linked-In (9 in Page Rank – 14 in Alexa!)
StumbleUpon (8 in Page Rank – 280 in Alexa)
Delicious (8 in Page Rank – 1734 on Alexa)
Tumblr (8 in Page Rank – 34 on Alexa)
Pinterest (7 in Page Rank – 29 on Alexa)
Referral Key (4 in Page Rank – 24219 on Alexa)

One of the important features to note about these sites is that most are free.

Social Media 2

Some other worthy of consideration: Orkut (in some countries), Reddit, Digg, LiveJournal, Vimeo, Yahoo answers and Warrior Forum.

Go where the fish are. For example, if your prospects are of interest for Professional you will need to participate in Linked-In.

The social media experts and gurus teach this from different angles (often contradictory). Many teach from the standpoint of corporate brand.

There are three main ways that marketers use to get traffic from social media:

1) Spamming

-This is what mostly teach the mayority of the “experts”, and falls into this category.
-Tools for media automation.

Maybe can often work, but not recommended.

Social Media 3

2) Integration

Practically all companies can benefit by integrating with social media to some degree.
He tries to communicate through multiple channels. (Best opportunity to reach potential customers)
-Build a list remains one of our main goals.

3) Socializing

His socialization must be related to your business.
-The Objectives are: building confidence and authority.
-Keep Your personal profile in addition to your business profile (with some exceptions).
-Always have clear objectives.

WARNINGS about social media …

Social Media 41) There are plenty of scammers. Please educate yourself and learn the warning signs, not to fall victim of a swindler of media.

2) Think twice before sharing the personal data. By building your business on a social platform, is sharing the data with the website owner and potentially allowing to competitors showing your data to their list.

3) The distraction factor is huge, especially for men. If you think you can spend all day in the media and not be distracted by pictures of attractive women, girls in bikinis announcements, latest holiday photos of his friend, a fresh new video from Youtube, a funny joke, etc … are cheating yourself! This makes many times social media are a losing proposition for the male marketers. (A good reason to outsource).

Social Media 5Steps:

1) Decide what role social media should play in your business.

2) Consider what type of social media strategies would like to pursue, such as integration and socialization.

3) Be aware of time passing in the media and track your ROI (Return on Investment) as much as possible.

4) Do not waste your time in low profitability. Outsource profitable activities as much as possible.


Integration strategies

SEO link building

SeoOne of the most important issues to consider are the backlinks (links you get a web determined from other pages)
A simple way to create a backlink is copying http: // a blog post and eg copy it to your facebook wall or in a tweet. Keep in mind that some sites have integrated the command “nofollow” and therefore do not produce the backlink, a simple way to find out which sites support the backlink is: first sign up at and then go to the address


-Sindicación content
-Automation Of social media

Some recommended for the automation of content, are: In this autorresponder by a single pay of 19 dlls. You do not have a limit to the accounts or a limit to the amount of subscribers of your lists.

And of course also WordPress plugins
List Building– List Building

Social networks also serve to build mailing lists. In principle because we can guide our followers to our landing pages.


Facebook, we will try the important points without going too deeply into them.


– Creation of FanPage: Basically is a tool that allows you to build an own blog in facebook for free.

– Page category: This is important to choose the appropriate format (“Local Business” “Artist” “Company, Organization”, “Institution” “Brand or Product” (the most suitable in most cases)” etc.)

Things to avoid:

-Photos: There should be of low quality, it is recommended to be of high resolution.

-Welcome page: Is important to take your time to complete this item.

– Iframe Tabs: In this case you should use it (Search in Google) Static HTML: iframe tabs. A utility that can be leveraged through a splash page that requires press the button “like” to the new visitors to see the content. Detailed information can have it through the help of facebook which is of very good quality.

– Strategy consolidation of the list: It often happens that people are enlist in our lists, using a false name and email address that is not the principal.
This a practice only used to obtain the benefits he give in return. In this case when our autoresponder sending the information. or promotions, will never be read, as these accounts only are consult to clear the contents. This is not the case when using the main account.

Botton Connect


Web traffic-Traffic Management: The first thing to do is invite friends through the wall to join our fan page, also ask them to give us a hand posting this on their wall to invite your friends too, according to the relationship we have had with our friends can cause a viral effect of large proportions, thinking in about a minimum 10x10x10 = 1000 which is not a bad figure to start.

We must also send an email to your lists, to inviting the people to enjoy the page.

You must also integrate the link of the page to sign your e-mails, in youtube videos, in groups that participate, etc.

Put a button in your sidebar blog.

Traffic & Facebook: PPC (Pay Per Click) In principle I do not recommend this type of action unless you have enough money, when the time arrives and you begin to generate profits, I recommend you invest at least 30% in PPC to further increase your list of fans and have more chances to win large sums of money.

The most important thing is the “content”, do not neglect this part, because otherwise all the effort you’ve made to create your lists is in vain.

Google +Google +

You must register yourself in Google + (is extremely important for any SEO strategy or positioning)

– Profile: This should be as detailed as possible to provide better confidence.
– You must invest time in learning all the features of Google Plus, the google help is well designed and you not need to invest any money on training.
– The “+1” Button must be integrated into all your post.

Now you can also build your page on google + has similar characteristics of the FB fan pages.


Twitter– Automation tools. You can use automation tools, but you must be careful with the amount of people who are going to follow daily with a tool, since if twitter detected that you are using it may close your account.

-Twitter Works in real time, which means that what you write on your “wall” will have a very short effectiveness, what is most effective is to interact with people through the responses to your comments or also interact with what is called retweet, republish the comment of them in your own wall.

-Twitter Tip: Here’s what I can advise like a way to make some money on Twitter (Apart from publishing the titles of your post with proper link) Using the advanced search box before entering your twitter account ( locates people with a common interest, eg. “I need web traffic” or some other subject, then log into your account, go to your clickbank account and locate a product to meet that need, in this case “web traffic” after Respond to each particular person with something like “I think you should check this: http://hoplink … .. (the link to purchase clickbank)) simple, but effective.

Linked In

Linked inWhy linked in? Because it is a business network and as such you should be used.

– Complete your professional profile, if you develop better your resume, you have more possibilities with other business people on this network. Participate in groups is also very important. This is not to socialize, we are looking to do business. Strategies must be with a higher business level. Do not use simple comments with a link, you need go deeper into the subject to capture the attention of prospective customers. Here you can see how the false gurus with relative success in other networks, here not even have a place. Simple sellers forget it. The network consists mostly of “professionals” and executives with significant experience in different areas. Thus you should focus your participation in this network to still be active.

– The Keyword is Optimization. Bear in mind that it is very important to optimize your profile (CV) with keywords related to your activity. The first mistake you can make is to use an avatar, this is about real people. The second mistake would is not provide the information that this type of site required, including: A clear definition of its activity. Current and past. Professional position. Summaries and specialties. And finally their interests. The people here seek for commercial “connections”, This is the purpose of this network. Linked In is an island within social networks, well treated, can provide great benefits.

In Summary

Social Media 16Social media is a good tool, if always respected the objective to socialize.

You should invest some time to achieve results because they must to be involved and maintain consistency and perseverance because are the key. In this type of sites where the fame is fleeting, the continuity makes a difference. Definitely participation (business-minded) is something that can not be taken lightly, it is best to have one person exclusively for this activity.

I hope these basics can help you to be better in social networks.

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