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Do you ever reasoned why a person who earns millions of dollars would reveal the secret to generate much money for just $ 47, $ 77 or $ 97 US dollars?

Altruism, religion, dementia? I do not think so.

Is your last desire on his deathbed? can be.

Ok, let an example: There are lawyers who are professors at universities and lawyers practicing making millions of dollars.

The first are aware of a partial and relative reality, the latter are owners of the truth.

Does that sound logical? because it is.

The reality is, the first one only serve you as a guide, everything else, you’ll have to discover for yourself and do not doubt that this will not happen overnight.

Do you think Google a company of US $ 100.000 billion one day will wake up and will say to you and millions, “for $ 97 US dollars I willGoogle Logo make known my algorithm, see what you can do with it?” It will never happen. This example is a ridiculous exaggeration, I know, but I do to understand the concept.

By this I do not mean that you no longer invest in your training, it would be a mistake, what I mean is do not expect more than they can give you, which is not much, but when joining each the parts, information can be invaluable.

If you ask me who I think it might be a good investment?

In the international market I would say David Wood of Empower Network, Russel Brunson is a good choice for leading toward results, Mike Filsaime (owner of with a path without discussion or Johnatan Budd because he transmitted the messages, could also be. There are others valuable, but I would not recommend them because I do not know thoroughly their projects or not I agree with the approach of their knowledge.

idleAt this point something that need having very clear is: “Do not want someone else to do the work for you, it will not do.”

And if I’m telling you this, is not because I’ll teach you my biggest secrets, not by now, if you were to do it would be if when I teach you, I also won in the exchange. This is the reality that no one tells you. At this stage which I’m, I’m interested in exchanging “insider” with people who are achieving success, not with those who are trying, but since I already went through there, it’s important to get in touch with them, because someday some of them are going to achieve and then they will have something to share. A “good deal” is good, when it is “a good deal for both parties.”

If you ask me Why do I do this? I would say a little altruism, someday steered me wrong, because facts are needed for real results, to maintain communication, because I have some time before I go to sleep, because I opened a personal blog and response was overwhelming, because I have over 3000 followers on Facebook, I started as a relaxing and without giving too much because my twitter accounts I have over 3500 followers almost idly too, because I was asked, because when I say something the people listen and pay attention, because there may be a future business, because it makes me feel good, because I really sometimes annoying me to see how the “gurus” sell a “big secret” when it is barely the tip of the iceberg, because I want to start to work more with a new market, are these and I can give more than a thousand other reasons, I leave it to your discretion.

In this personal blog you’ll find lots of information and really valuable content.

The old saying “If you give me a coin and I give you a coin, What do we have?, a coin each; Now, if you give me an idea and I give you an idea. What do we have?. TWO ideas each.

“Is still in force and always will be. The information is also power, because that knows who has it and how use it, they will does not sell it cheap. Think about it, analyze things and not be afraid to draw your own conclusions (if you really want to achieve something, you need to.), takes the guides are nothing else at the base, be sure to investigate, there is always more, take action and if you fail, analyze it and try again, not wait to have all the information, get over it, never will happen, there is always more, stay in continuous movement, is the best advice I can give you.

Your friend.

Daniel Fernando De Nicoló

P.S.: “Never you fall asleep thinking that something is impossible, because you can wake up with the noise made by another to doing it.”

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