Why email marketing remains a key weapon to generate revenue?

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Email SymbolI always say and argue that we must think and analyze, before follow or buy a strategy. A simple method is when in doubt go to great. If you like David Wood, Mike Filsaime, Chris Farrell, Russell Brunsson Johnatan Budd or whatever comes to mind, the first thing you have to do is sign into your website or blog, What happens then? You start to receive e-mails at least one per fortnight or each week. Even when they are campaigning for a product launch, will continue to receive two or three daily. And that’s nothing, ending the campaign you will keep receiving emails promoting a product from a third party, probably conditioned by a strategic alliance that has done previously to promote his campaign.

If these monsters Hyper millionaires, they use the e-mail marketing as one of its main weapons, why do not focus our energy and priority in this tool?

The e-mail marketing remains one of the safest mechanisms for obtain money.Money

You do not need an own product, as affiliate, can market thousands of third-party products, from Empower Network, Clickbank, Amazon, PayDotCom and others.

Ok, you need to have a list or get one, fight with spam, the black lists, avoid to be banned, etc., do not say it’s easy.

It’s a road that you must go.

All they walked this road and finally are human beings just like you and me, the only difference is they have learned to not stop, to keep going.

If you want to see hard, it will be difficult, if you want to see easy, it will not be easy, but I can assure you it is not impossible. In how much more traveled the path, more is will understand and will be easy following it to the end.

DemotivateMany say that I like to demotivate the people, but what do you prefer?, know what do you’re going to face now and save many failures and disappointments, time and effort and perhaps a few hundred dollars. Or come to the same conclusion, after having gone through countless disappointments, which will inevitably happen?

Because of this I think that those who say this are sellers of dreams, I prefer reality.

Who has not done spam? , Wanting to do it or not, that’s the big difference, but the answer is, everyone. If you ask me how? Wanting to do is do it consciously, knowing what you’re risking. Unintentionally, is in the buying or getting a list which ensure which the people have accepted sending e-mails. I’m sure more than one will sound familiar and will be identified.

I must also say that there are lists as Smart List (free) that can be trusted, not 100% but you’re going to get a minimal response. How do they Spamwork these lists? Most people registered, are people who are looking for the same thing, make a list of e-mail, so when they register, accepted also receive them. The good thing is in that this kind of service one of the conditions that asks you is that at the beginning of e-mail need put the legend which they provide you and saying “HELLO, THIS IS NOT SPAM. YOU ARE RECEIVING THIS MESSAGE BECAUSE YOU ARE A MEMBER OF SMART-LIST. IF YOU WISH TO BE REMOVED FROM THIS LIST, PLEASE TYPE REMOVE IN tHE SUBJECT BOX OF YOUR REPLY.”

This somehow is good because the responsibility for Spam lies in Smart-List and not directly on us, reminds the person he agree to receive messages to be participating in the same service and in this way minimizes us to be reported by spam.

Ok the results we get are minimal, for various reasons, one because when they enroll in the list, many do not write your primary e-mail. They put one different for know in advance about that is (From someone who promoting something or want to sell something) to deleted without opening them. Another reason is that many of those who receive the email and read the legend of “Smart list”, they erased it automatically, and there are other reasons, but the important thing is that there is a minimum that do open in most cases because the title or subject of the e-mail, because are interesting and these are with the ones which we could generate some kind of income.

Something to consider is also the kind of response we can get, let’s face it, what most are not. Come up with an example.

Open rateOf some 400,000 e-mails sent you expect them to open about 9,000 (2.25%) and of those who click on the link to purchase (optimistically) about 1,500 (0.375%).

Even though you have this minimum response, is still business. Do not get depressed, you should not send 400,000 e-mails to succeed.

Another example. We only have 10,000, they will open approximately 225 (2.25%) people, from these are going to buy the product or service 15 persons (0.15%)

If you have a product that benefits you in U$ 50.00 per item, which generated sales in 15 (50 × 15) USD $ 750 in one shipment.

FreedomIf we send the same amount per week, in a month we could be generating (750 × 4) USD $ 3,000.00 per month. Enough to live from the internet, apart you’d have the capital to start investing, automate and generate higher returns.

There are two things to consider, the goal is sending at least 10,000 emails per week, which means you need to have multiple listing services. Smart List gives you monthly lists of 10,000 to 12,000 emails, is not a new month list a month but is the refined list of those who were retired in the service and adding new ones, of course I also have a service that can buy ready much higher than these, 12,000 or more at competitive prices. Another service but with fewer collection, but reliable is Triple Your List are famous or another option is List Bandit. What I recommend is in principle while you get other lists is to send the promotion of 4 products (one week to the same list of 12,000), but best to not to tire them is to get other lists as well, to each list you’d be sending a promotion by month.

By this way you enjoy to make couple of dollars with no cost (or invest). Is to me the hard way. Because you have a lot of work for a few dollars.dollars

Ever is better you make your own list. With a list with only 500 members you can make more money than 10000 of “Smart List Service”

The numbers in this list change dramatically. If you build the list in the right way. 40% or more opening your emails, 10% or more probably buy your product. Remember in the “Smart List” the average is 15 sales. In your own list probably is 50 sales for the same product of $ 50.- dlls. is about $ 7,500.- in only one product sale. Think about that.

The better way is build your own list. If you want to learn how to make this, the better way is through “Empower Network” http://stillconnect.com/EmpowerNetworkOfficial.

The second thing to consider is finding a product that leaves you at least US $ 50 commission. (Empower Network have your own products for less and more that 50)

You can also risking to promote a product or service of affiliation type where member pays a monthly fee and you also would have secured a commission for several months.

I don’t have Web,autorresponder, etc., etc.,etc. Pure excuses.

I’ll detail a process that does not need any of this. Step by step.

1. Sign up on Clickbank, Amazon or PayDotCom (I suggest that you sign up in the three, to do can click on the names) Is free of charge.

2. Select a product that a minimum fee of US $ 50

3. Go to the product sales page

4. At the bottom of the page have a botton that says “affiliates” go in there and sign up.

5. You enter the affiliate page there’ll be a tab that says “resources” here are looking for one that says e-mails and you will find several texts that can be simply copied and pasted into the e -mail you’re submitting. these are fully reliable as they are professionally prepared to sell the product. Only you owe to add your link of affiliate.

That’s it, you see. Definitely not need excuses not to do things.

CB SourgeTo be able to complete the cycle I give you the link so you can download the tool CB Surge, is free, but does not cease to be excellent, which makes this program is to identify products Clicbank that are best of the market and give their best dividends. To download click here. The most important thing to get results is to choose a good product to promote and this program does it for you.

For as you may have noticed, all this takes time and effort and does not happen overnight, but if you’re definitely starting out and you do not have investment capital, this is the best option.

Eventually, of course, what’s good for you is to start generating your own lists of e-mail, as these have a higher level of response. And to do this what I recommend is having a good autoresponder, GetResponse is the best option and it is in Spanish. If you want to try, click Here, the test is free until you have more than one hundred members of the service.

The fundamental fact is that e-mail marketing is still the cornerstone of any business on the internet and who tells you otherwise, do not hesitate, he are lying.

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