5 Keys to understand the autoresponders


Definitely when we start a business the first thing we advise is to hire an autoresponder to automate certain repetitive processes communicating via emails.

Here are five keys to keep in mind when using them:

1. The first thing you usually think many people is that having an autoresponder of the most famous as GetResponse, MailChimp or Traffic Wave, is a guarantee that your emails will be read by people who were discharged in a Landing Page and although these companies enjoy good reputation, must pass the spam filters like everybody and they are far from perfect and are guided by algorithms that cause widespread in many cases the mails reach the inbox, so if the receiver does not have the habit to check your inbox spam, nor even notice the existence of mail.

It is also important to note that not all the responsibility is of the autoresponder and filters but of who writes the message, the spam score, the HTML used, java scripts or codes among other things can interfere with the delivery.

When the autoresponder guarantees 99% of deliveries are telling the truth, they can not assure you in which tray will be delivered, or verify the total of openings.

2. One way to ensure that people receive emails that were sent, is to use the so-called Double Optin, this is when the person is update on our landing page, he will receive an email with a special link to verify your email, this not only guarantees the existence of the direction but also the person received and receive messages we send you.


In the event that the mail is not verified, autoresponder services give us a list of these emails, which gives us the opportunity to try to communicate directly with the person to know the cause why he has not made the verification by of course this will have to do with our personal e-mail or another different from the one we used in the autoresponder, to increase the chances of it reaches the recipient.

3. Openings email can not be verified in plain text messages. Only counted in HTML messages. Therefore, if the subscriber chooses to open your message using plain text option, is not counted in the statistics as open.

Therefore, any message you send as plain text always show a zero opening, unable to know how many subscribers opened the mail.

4. The autoresponder as we said only track the open rate of messages in HTML format and does not track the messages in plain text. But although this is also important to know that if the person does not enable to see the images of the message, this can not be identified by the pixel and the autoresponder will not identify the opening.

It is also good to know that some programs and email clients can block tracking opening fee due to security preferences.




5. Yahoo! and AOL made a change in the settings of your Domain Name System (DNS), which specifies that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must reject all messages that have a forwarding address with the domain @ yahoo.com, @ aim.com,aol, if they were not sent from Yahoo! and AOL Mail servers.

This has a negative impact on the deliverability of your messages, because every email you send using Yahoo !, AOL or Aim as the sender address, will be reject.

Also, for best results it’s advisable to in the better message delivery, avoid free domains like gmail, hotmail, etc. It is best to use an own domain address as the sender.

However, despite all this work and work well, save us time and give us the possibility of mass communication with all those interested in our products or services, its handling is simplified and give us reliable delivery.

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