Marketing is not complicated …

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Complicated are those who use it as an excuse for not taking action. Are almost always people who believe that everything will flow pressing a button magically and automatically, or at least that’s the idea that sold them. And even for that there is a great job of marketing behind.

Marketing is not complicatedIn any endeavor, most people have an idea and face the first obstacle is not even know where to begin, it is at this point where you see the importance of marketing through the analysis guides us to achieve results.

First I think the most important is to understand and adapt in what we do. The concept of marketing or marketing is not difficult to understand, beyond what one wants complicate and this post is to facilitate understanding and implementation.

Theories are many, varied concepts, different definitions and all have been by recognized experts in the field, beyond confuse this must clarify one thing, the theory is a guide that can clear the way for us to form a base knowledge to help in any project we decide to start *. In business action and results is all that matters.

Here are some definitions of are called “the experts”, with all respect, but differ in their concepts. And you can say “If they do not agree, less I do” but not, you’ll see why:

Philip KotlerFor Philip Kotler “Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through generating, providing and exchanging products of value with others.”

E. Jerome McCarthyAccording to Jerome McCarthy, “Marketing is conducting those activities that aim to meet the goals of an organization, to anticipate consumer or customer requirements and to channel a flow of goods suitable to the needs and services that the producer provides to the consumer or customer.”

Marketing ProfsFor Ann Handley, “Marketing is anything you think or say that mentions your story” (????)

According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), “Marketing is the activity, set institutions andAmericanMarketingAssoc2 processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, partners and society in general.”

I definitely do not want give you bored reading concepts, these are just examples.

After analyzing and trying to delve into these concepts my definition is:

Marketing and/or Marketing service is the interaction that we have on the processes between an idea and the end result we want to obtain, either, customer satisfaction and/or monetary benefits for the company.

We will try to explain why the importance of interaction with an example: Suppose we have a very good product, with excellent image and start our campaign promotion and/or advertising but because faults in the distribution, the product does not it is still in “all” stores as announced, what will happen ?, many people will get to the store for the product and after several times of not finding it will be decided by another. It’s that simple.

This can happen for several causes, such as not having the quality of the package that the supplier had promised, in the network, not use an autoresponder and our emails are not reaching the inbox, etc., so marketing helps us not only to prevent but also to control all such situations.

Like everything, the benefits are related to the time and effort to devote to this area.

Here are the main areas that we need consider in marketing, we will only see the basics of each:

IdeasIdea: All starts with an idea should to make reality, making adjustments as appropriate to suit the possibilities of make it.Market or Niche

Detect the market or niche: In traditional marketing this can be done through market research, the idea is to detect the interest and market segmentation by age, sex, ethnicity, purchasing power, etc. In the network we have tools that help us all these processes, one of the most used is Google Adwords.

Raw MaterialsRaw materials: Are necessary for product development, need consider the price, availability, delivery time and minimum stock.

Transportation (logistics): It is very important to assess the cost of moving from the point of origin of the raw Transportationmaterial and/or goods to the warehouse or winery and from there, with the finished product, to various distribution points. The higher costs are often hidden in transport and should be cautious in drawing logistics to cover this area. In conclusion of this area depends carry the right amount of a product to the right place at the right time.

InfraestructureInfrastructure: Within assessment processes should consider the costs of infrastructure, determined by location of inventory and storage, offices, processing plant, equipment and machinery, as appropriate.

At this point it is good to clarify that we are trying to know all the areas covered by the marketing, you do not necessarily need to cover unless you are involved in a large-scale project.

In most of the initial projects of any entrepreneur these areas usually are covered by sub-contracting to third parties but this does not mean that we should not know and check the quality of services.Packaging

Packaging (container): This is one of the two areas that I like because it involves image and design. From a small box, a can, bottle, digital book or any type of container with good design, emphasizes product quality and revives the possibility of purchase.

The first rule is that it must be attractive and functional. Highlighted by its shape and identify the product by to be original compared with its competitors, this is one of the challenges to overcome.

fabricacionDevelopment, manufacturing process: Here the process control, quality and timing are key elements in making the product.

The quality of a product is closely linked to its manufacturing process. Proper planning resulting in reduced costs and increased profits.


Pricing policy: The price is a marketing variable that depends on the objectives to be achieved by the company and may be determined by factors such as introduction or market penetration, among others.


Sales: Diagram and plan the sales process, is another area that depend on good marketing planning. The processes ranging from pre-sales, discounts promotions management, value added, as well as the development of prospecting and identification of market segment with better purchasing power and identification with the product or service.

Advertising: This is the second area that excites me in the process of marketing because it combines design, creativity and imagination, plus the challenge of communicating a message. It is one of the most powerful tools of marketing. The advertising becomes a fascinating subject by the means used, like the radio and television (most known and lucrative), as well as large billboards take it attention massively of the general public. Other media that have become popular in the digital age are the banners on the net and videos on YouTube, but have not been able to reach the high impact of the above.Distribution

Distribution: The coordination and planning of distribution centers is essential to achieve supply continuum of different outlets.

Servicio-al-clienteCustomer service: In any process of marketing is essential to consider provide customers after-sales service well structured to satisfy all your needs or questions.

Warranty: The development of the warranty that provides tranquility to the customer, is not only a task of the marketing department, but in many cases must work together with technical and legal department of the company.

None of these processes, because can be a pre-determinant, sell by itself, but the interaction and proper functioning of all, yes.

On the other hand it is also important to have a flow map, based on our marketing plan. Maybe you say “This guy and me getting complicated”, not at all, the idea is to simplify processes. What’s this? Here is an example applied to a process on the web:Flujo

When you have organized the flow of your marketing campaign, all processes are simplified and will have greater control to have the desired results.

One of the great lessons we Steve Jobs (RIP) is “Think different …” and this philosophy was applied all his life and was able to detect that People buy the vision, and if applied to marketing are achieved great results.

In short if you want a business income, in all areas, whether physical or Internet you must be committed é involved and willing to do some additional effort than the you’re used .

If someone wants to sell the idea that this does not work well, not believe him, this is for any business, it is a general rule.

The decision is yours and life works the same manner, if you want to squares in the stomach, you need to make the effort to exercising.

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