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The first thing to be aware is that: “It is not important what invest, the important is how much you can win with that investment”

The most efficient businesses generate their own resources.

You can use processes without cost initially to generate resources, but you must understand that they are slower and mean more work.

Definitely The Retargeting have a cost, but you must know to at a moment when you have the resources, need you to start to use it since it will accelerate your conversion processes dramatically and will save you a lot of work.

Retargeting is a relatively new technology, which aims to recover and leverage the traffic which is lost commonly.

Basically you install a pixel to the visitors to continue showing related ads and convert them into customers.

In short the person will see our ad all the time he continue browsing at the net, even if he abandoned our web or blog.

In simple words, it will haunt you, until get your attention. Increase the possibilities of purchase by the prospects. Wherever you go the banner ad will appear.


The retargeting companies have a costs, for example one of the most effective is, their slogan is “Turn lost visitors into customers” its base price is US $ 500 .- dollars a month on your start plan and allows handling up to 10,000 users per month.

Another highly recommended company is Perfect Audience perfectaudience, this have a free 14-day trial, their slogan is “The easiest way to redirect (Retargeting) through the web, Facebook and Twitter,” is inexpensive and gives very good results. Example, $ 0.35 to $ 0.90 per retargeting on Facebook. It is very simple to handle.



Also as an example we have, its slogan “Get to your customers. Everywhere.”14-day free trial. The ROI is 10 x every dollar invested.

Other is, it is highly recommended, their slogan is “Self-Serve Advertising Platform. SiteScout is the leading self-serve ad platform for marketing professionals and agencies.” there is minimal cost to register in sitescout1SiteScout. You can take all the time you want to play with all the features of the platform without any restrictions. Once you agree that this is a very special service according to what you require, you make a deposit of $ 500 which then you use in your campaigns. Ads are sold on auction model, the price you pay per impression depends on what other people are bidding If you know Google Adwords, is similar in the handling of the prices.

Everything is measurable, so it the retargeting can also be used for people who already bought. As all is measurable gives many possibilities and control.

In all cases you control the budget, you decide how much to invest daily.

When the person deletes the cookies the pixel is deleted, but very few people do this. For example, in Chrome it Beams “Settings >>> >>> Show Advanced Options Content settings … >>> All cookies and site data … >>> Delete All”

For example for a campaign in, is a plugin that is installed on Worpress only create the ad and initiate the campaign. It is very simple to use. On the other side you have more options, eg in SiteScout you can place the pixel directly on your Landing Page.

The advantage of retargeting is that ads are shown to a fully segmented traffic and qualified, what would be the ideal customer.

Websites that provide these services are referred how Networks.

CNNespanolIf you want your ads may appear in places like Fox News, CNN in Spanish and want to hire directly, you could pay thousands of dollars but also hundreds of thousands. Instead in retargeting, this is minimized to a few dollars and sometimes only pennies and you can see which people are interested in your type of product or service. ¿Great, no? Of course I hope you can imagine convening power with these companies.

Retargeting is what is called intelligent traffic.

One of your goals should be able in sometime moment use this service, this is a factor that will indicate that your business is growing and you can pay for to get it because your business leaves you enough to do so.

The worst that can happen is you think you know enough about a topic. Sometimes people deceptively trust himself and tend to stop learning. Never stop learning is the basis for achieving great results. The worst goal you can have is to make money (this is implied), the objective is to achieve changes in the lives of people, etc., This is what makes money.

Traffic is the most important in your business and is not complicated, you may seem while not understand the processes.

One thing that is important to note, is that if by the time you choose the long way, using free processes or very low cost, because they still do not generate the resources or for any reason that is, is fine, in fact I thus started, this does not change the quality of the results, only affects the time factor. Therefore it is also important not to despair and have a clear goal, the time from one perspective, if you look back, it may seem that happens very quickly, so do not think about at how long it will cost, but you need concentrate on achieving it. And after that, you can “shorten the time” and take control.

Your success is only a matter of time, having clear this, is secured.

For some say “your time will come”, but does not by itself, you must be prepared and take action immediately.

If you notice, this not is so complicated to understand.

When we know and understand about what we are talking about, you don’t have fear to take action. Fear of failure is lost and this is most important.

You can always fail and “Is Something Normal which Happens” Apple with Liza, IBM PS-2, MIcrosoft Me, Sony Betamax system, Nicolas Tesla and its alternative proposal electricity and could name you hundreds if not thousands more. I do not say that will happen to you.

Which is what make so large these companies despite their failures? The power readapt, learn and move on. Understand failure as a possibility (I Not to say that they accept), to know this is part of the learning process.

Well you might think “I have no room for failure” EXCELLENT, that’s the right way to do things, this minimizes the possibilities and keeps you attentive to detail.

The good news is that in business online, if you have a good mentor and is willing to be helped, you’ll be able to avoid failure.

Just do it!

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