Because people do not produce a change in your life and achieve the results they want.


MiedosOne of the major reasons why people do not produce a change in your life and not achieve the results and comfort you want, is FEAR and these fears are: the change, the unknown, for not feel able, to lose money , effort, time, and you could add some more but these are the basic.Michel_de_Montaigne_1CutoutCutout-275x300

“My life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened.”
Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) French writer and philosopher.

The trouble is that in some cases is justified, but before taking it as an excuse for not taking action or believe I am you giving the reason, I must clarify that it is justified by the lack of motivation or information and a real desire to aim for something more.

Any activity and I repeat, any activity, there is no better or worse, can help you achieve all your goals.

If we take as goal the money, in all the activities there are always people who have become millionaires because of it. No matter which one. Also in other areas such as personal growth, social or family. Whatever your goals any activity can help you achieve them.

In most cases not getting what you want is for not taking action.

Anyone who TAKES ACTION, GETS RESULTS, good or bad, but gets results.

This is the root of the problem, because even if we get negative results, these can be positive if we filter on the way to modify processes and move on, single formula for success.

The best way to cope with fears is recognizing and becoming aware that this is the only thing separating us from our dreams. Many people initially said, “I can never do this” to realize later that achieved higher things. I myself am one of those cases and today happens to me the same thing when I will go to face any project.

Not that “you want to do” YOU HAVE TO DO SO, for yourself, for your family, for a better world, for the reason that most identifies you.

Go step by step if that’s what you like, BUT DO IT!.

There is no “real” excuse to stop you from achieving what you want.

Never wait until everything is perfect or to be fully prepared because not going to happen.

Criticism will always exist, people criticizes first, then is waiting to say “I told you so” and inthe case you make it, they are always the first to say “I knew you could do it” (????????? …)

Listen to the positive, leave aside the negative, even if it comes from your dearest person or admired. Look for the positive, always avoid the negative. None of the successful people you can meet in history has been influenced by the negative. I do not believe it, you try to investigate it, as I once did. Whatever you do you always get criticized, accept it and move on.

Is not about a bla bla bla, It is a step at a time always constant. As the saying goes “FACTS, NOT words,”.

Being afraid is part of the growth process.

Keep it simple, you should always ask what’s the worst that can happen to you, I’m sure can you’ll get over it.

No excuse for not being better, the sad thing would be that you will had to find an excuse if you are in a bad position, I assure you nobody will believe and they will draw their own conclusions.

Conclusion: There is nothing to stop you, only yourself. Always you can find the way or exit if you want and are willing to find it, without surrender, despite everything or everyone.

There are processes that reduce considerably the fear, The first thing is that you report, try to meet you face, the second is to find someone who can guide you in the process. The formula is to open yourself to the information and being helped. This does not mean you should not strive and nobody will do the work for you. Your dedication and perseverance is your best ally. This will be very clear to you, if you follow these simple steps, there is NOTHING you can not accomplish. look no excuses, looking results.

Problems and failures are part of life itself which makes the difference is who learns to accept that and overcome it, learning from them and leaving them behind.

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