Mental obstacles that stops any business


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What really shocks me is seeing people that beg for an “opportunity”and when they have it in front of their eyes, they don’t see it. But I learned how to accept it, we want to change lives, but there are people that has subconsciously believed that “Good things only happens to other people”, “It’s not for me”, “I can’t”, “It works for him because everything is easy for him”, “He has a secret that is not revealing and that’s why it works”, “It’s complicated”, “We have to invest, I know there was something hidden…” they have it so marked on their head that they actually “accept it”

It’s like if I sneeze and then I think “It was just a sneeze, why wasting in medicines” and the third day I’m lying on the bed with my head just about to explode, complaining about why my body hurts so much and I can’t even wake up because I feel really bad due to the flu I got. They don’t see the “signals” and don’t even accept the fact that they could have avoided it or at least lighten the symptoms.

And you know what? I’m not different, it happens in my head too and it happens in everyone’s head. Its normal, the difference is on how we process the information. As I told you, I was like that and in a subconscious process I accepted it, even worst, I had thoughts like: “I have bad luck” or “It’s just my karma” or “I wasn’t born for this” until one person, a friend of mine made me think about it…

He made me see it and the he said: Why did you accept that?

I realized I was accepting it because… (It’s better not to tell you)

Then my brain made a “click” and I started to think about some things in my head, let’s review them one by one:

“Is not for me” So then for whom is? The really important thing here is to think if I want it or not. It can be a new car, and then you will think how to do it.

“I can’t” I can’t what? Lift a car with my hands? Then I have to look for a way to do it, for example, getting something that helps me to lift the car.

“It works for him because everything is easy for him” Well, it might me harder for me, but it’s worth the price, I can look for help too if it is necessary. And in the middle I can found what’s easier for me than him, but meanwhile he doesn’t try it he will never know.

“He has a secret that is not revealing and that’s why it works” You may be seeing something that I’m not, but never mind, a solution might be to ask him and in the majority of answers we will not like what we hear and we will keep doubting. There are no magical solutions, there’s nothing at the end of the rainbow, it’s a natural phenomenon, just to be clear, I do believe in Christmas’s magic, that is a feeling, I enjoy it, but I have to go and buy the gifts to the shop as everyone else. Businesses are a process that we have to execute efficiently, that’s all.

“It’s complicated” Everything is complicated, until we understand it. Of course we need to do an effort, read, trying to understand or asking someone else if they can explain it to us.

“We have to invest, I know there was something hidden…” This make me laugh sometimes. The majority of people that uses this excuse is because they live the day and they believe in colored fishes. IT DOESN’T EXIST, there is no business in which there is no need to invest, it’s a lie that people makes us believe to catch us, sooner or later for your business properly growth, you will need to invest. The thing is how much do I invest and how much do I earn for that inversion.

Oh!! I was missing a great one, “They want to wash my brain”. Well, if it will make me earn a lot of money, let’s use some more shampoo!! HAHAHA!!!

But seriously, it happens to all of us, it’s just a matter of what do we do to face it.

For a business to properly work, it is needed to be committed. And the commitment has to be physical, mental and financial.

Commitment, time, effort and dedication, those are essential for any achievement.

I send you a hug

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