Not deciding in the majority of the cases is a bad decision…


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In the majority of the cases, not deciding can be a really bad decision.

fear to failingIt can be due to many diverse and vary issues, but although we don’t want to admit it, the most common fear to failing and we excuse it with just being afraid of wasting time, money or something that allow us to justify and don’t try new things.

The first thing we have to realize for the rest of our life is that we are going to fail, not once, but several times and this is for everyone. It doesn’t exist anybody that “never had fail in his/her life”, this is not real, what it’s real is that people who had achieve something valuable, get over it and keep forward.

There is a quote that defines it and is “I can’t modify my past, but I future has not been written yet”aprenderbici-150x150

It’s like when we are learning to ride a bicycle, if you are really motivated, you will achieve it, you fall down and get up many times as its necessary, until the moment you found balance and then you do it automatically.

What’s the difference then? Easy, you are not thinking of falling down, you are focused on the pleasure it will make you feel being able to do it and the satisfaction that you will feel, in this case, taking a trip in your bicycle.

Let’s take as an example GVO, you can summarize it as a risk of US $9.97.- Dlls. Per month and actually is not even that, the blog platform gives you the opportunity of building whatever you want, in any other place it will cost a lot more and here we have to value that you won’t have to pay for using any service, that is also the most advanced market for blog designs.

Then why are people so insecure about this? Why are they so afraid? Because they are humans and is inherent in our nature, we are always afraid of the unknown, until we meet it, afraid of doing some effort until we try to, afraid of being in love until we fall in love, afraid of singing in a karaoke and embarrassed ourselves. If we analyze this, we can see that there is always a common factor, fear, being afraid of trying, being afraid of change. Therefore, we have to focus on the benefits and there is where we start to befog our sight, we are an amazing tool of cool stuff, but the great news is that, just like I told you before, it is common for all of us. Then what makes us different? Knowing that this is normal and just making an effort to overcome it, is just a transition phase.

If you try to remember the bicycle example, it once happened to you as a natural process, and you get over it by being motivated of the benefits, without overthinking so much.

Once again with the Empower example, those of us that are participating (it can be any activity you are developing), we are committed to make the business grows and overcome, therefore, we don’t doubt it in supporting you to make it grow too. The only way is failing when it’s time to commit with “being helped” or getting in just to “try”. What kind of person do you need to be? There is no distinction, what skills do you need to have? None, everything that you will learn, no one is born knowing everything, you need some effort and dedication.

Then what is it that’s stop us? Decision, deciding to change, deciding to face your fears, deciding your future, deciding to make an effort to have a better life for you and the ones that surrounds you.

Also, everything that you learn, not only works for the business you are developing, but to use it in any activity that you develop in your life, start creating a growing habit that only your knowledge and experiences can give you.

In the case of the activities that are similar to GVO, the level of training brings you from newbie to expert in the Internet businesses, and makes you work on your own personal overcoming and in helping others, not in the money because this is the final result after having understood where your efforts are meant to be focused on.

Then what else can stop you? Credibility? For example, in the example of GVO, after more than fifteen years and after a millions dollar repartition, I believe there is not much more to say.Take action

Then, everything you do to overcome, is not for pleasure, it is an investment in your future, that you need to take advantage of, there isn’t a platform with higher performance, people can say whatever they want, my respect for the rest of them, because no one is going to do it for you and the other’s achievements do not imply that they can be better that yours, but there is a possibility, for sure, that they can be better.

You can only achieve what you want if you do something for it, fight your fears and let people that demonstrates capacity, help you.

The only thing I can do is helping you, no deciding for you, every single person make their own destiny.

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