Traffic, secrets and procedures- Part 1


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One of the pillar foundations for any companies’ success is “Traffic”.Maraña de red

Dominating this field is essential for any entrepreneur.

¿Why is so important getting traffic?

The web is full of tangled connections, millions of websites and some other interconnected proposals.

Inside that appearing chaos, everything is structured and follows different rules.

The case is you might have the best blog, site, landing page, etc., but if people don’t find out that your page exists, they will never come to see it.

To direct people to our proposal, there are many methods or alternatives.

Some are paid (Accelerate all the process) and some others are for free, they require some more time.

In any of the alternatives, to obtain success, there are certain basic facts to consider, that has to be included in the message:

-Recognize the need
-Explain the consequences
-Offer a solution
-Make an action call

Now, we have to be realistic when it’s time to measure the results

lupa3Many supposed “Gurus” full their mouth saying that their e-mail opening is higher than 50% or more.

Ok, this is possible, but just after having developed a good relationship with your list, being a member of the same team and there still being ways to keep that percentage from going up.

Reality is that, although a person was discharged in your landing page and some confirms their address (sometimes they don’t even get to that) your opening percentage can be around 15% and 30%, and this is normal, while you keep a good amount of sales.

What you can really expect is that from every 100 people that discharged themselves from your landing page, you will have a conversion of 1% and its ok, or even 5% and its normal and a really good result because you were only starting with your list.

I want to clear up that when I talk about conversion, I’m referring to the person that buys your product, affiliates to your organization or the result that you are looking for the activity you are developing.

So here is where having a good rate of traffic matters.

It is not about feeling discouraged, it’s about not believing in false expectations and not letting anybody fools you, is about facing reality and work with it. Getting traffic is not a difficult task; you just have to know the adequate procedures.

What is the ideal source of traffic?

You will find out step by step, wherever you feel more comfortable and the development gets easier to you.

Having so many different resources, the best advice is to pick between no more than two or three and develop them to their maximum.

Another important topic is to keep focus in just one business, so you don’t get confused, and you don’t confuse your followers.

Many people asked me if it is possible (developing more than one), it is possible, but definitely something that I wouldn’t advice and even less if you are starting. It is needed to have a great capacity of segmentation and an excellent management of reliability so your credibility doesn’t deteriorates.

If you have the option to do it, don’t do it, just focus in one thing and do it right.

Some of the most important resources that we can mention are:seotrafico-300x210

-Video traffic (Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Veoh, Hulu, etc.)
-Email Marketing
-PPC (Pay per click)
-PPA (Pay per action)
-Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Viadeo, Orkut, etc.)
-Retargeting (You can check my training here in my blog)youtube
-Join venture (Business associations)
-Banner exchange
-Blog exchange (Comments)
-Yahoo answers
-Podcasts (just audio)
-Classified press and note press
-Free directories
-Content syndication

In the next post we will review them in detail, every single one of them, learning how to use them and optimizing the results.

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Don’t stop visiting the blog, to get all the courses and obtain the results you dream about so much.

Daniel De Nicoló

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