Traffic, secrets and procedures -Part 3 (Videos)


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If you didn’t read the last two posts I highly recommend you to read them before you continue:

Another thing you should know is that there aren’t just some video platforms for reproducing and saving videos, there are many of them, but with different characteristics, in the last post we reviewed the most known and used platforms but in a global strategy, it is good to know that there are more, taking in count that some of them can benefit us because of the low competition in its niche or market we are developing.

As you might know, this kind of information won’t be provided by some “gurus” and the majority doesn’t know them and focus in the main four, some just publish and work with YouTube. It is good to mention that they are database storage and dissemination that complements with social networks, blogs, webs, landing pages, etc., to create a viral effect.

Here I lend you a list of the ones I use to work with for distinct purposes.  

We cannot lose our sight of the main reason of the creation and edition of videos, that is to generate traffic, one of the most important things is the title because this is the first identifier in searches, therefore, the title first and then the description, you need to have highly positionable “key words” in it.

One of the tools we can use is the Google’s Keyword Planner


We are not going to cover much about keywords, because this need an entire course to learn it, maybe perhaps later we will do for those who are interested.

The most important thing you need to know by now is that they need to be related to the topics you are handling with high searches and low competence, this way you have more possibilities.


To see this pictures clearly press the right click on your mouse and select “Open Image in New Tab.” This way you can see it in its original size that is highly superior and clearer that the ones you see here.


We have some other additional alternatives that you can use, like:


Help us to detect attractive niches through a key word in specific.


Keyword Shitter

A very useful tool that only needs you to indicate a keyword, language, region and a search filter (the web in general, images, news, products, videos or recipes) to instantly generate a list of ideas related to the consult. The magic is in adding different letters and terms to the inputted work to generate multiple consults and results that will organize in the inferior part in a three shape.


Keyword Eye

It allows getting suggestions based on a keyword through clouds with words whose color and size are determined by its relevance and popularity. The results come with downloadable complete reports that will be in a board showing the search volume and competence in AdWords.
In the free option you can check 20 words diary with 100 suggestions per report in 25 databases per country in Google.



Through keyword analysis of the competitors we can obtain good ideas of the keywords, to know where each one of our competitors is. This SEO tool, is without a doubt, the best run a keyword analysis of our competition and get some good ideas to make our word list. It is a very complete SEO tool where we can found our competitors lists in a simple way; see their web traffic, paid ads, etc.


Keyword Spy

Analyze your competitor’s keywords with this SEO tool.


Market Samurai

Market Samurai is the main keyword analysis tool that can help us to establish a foundation for our content future thanks to keyword researches and detailed analysis. This tool consists of several modules that provide advanced options for keyword analysis.


The most important thing here is that you take action and test every single one of these tools so you can get familiar with their performance.


Daniel De Nicoló

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