Traffic, secrets and procedures – Part 4 (Chroma – Videos)


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One of the fun parts of making videos is the use of special effects.

Many people believe that this is a complicated area and only reserved for experts, it really is not, at least in its basics, anyone who is interested can develop.

Another false belief is that you need to invest large amounts of money to implement and is not so in reality.

One of the best known and most basic elements is the famous green screen (or blue) used to change the background of our videos and can play with the script and giving life to our videos.

We can use a professional display, which for a startup is not necessary and the cost is high all depends on the size of it.

Chroma In Ebay

On the other hand we can use from a simple cardboard or a cloth, the only requirement is to have the right color.

The most used color is green Dublin, as a reference to identify is the color that uses the flag of Ireland, note that the color may vary depending on where you acquire the fabric, but is more prevalent in use.

Another aspect to consider is the lighting, but if you not want to complicate too much, just use daylight, in this case only have to make sure that the sun is at your back or in a manner that does not cause shadows. In this case we must consider that the background images must have the same clarity.

If shooting indoors, you must use two sets of lights, one for the screen and the other to illuminate the speaker, to avoid shadows and achieve a better effect after editing.

In a next installment we will discuss editing tools.

It is best to experiment and have fun in the process.

To understand it better, I leave here two videos of reference:

In this second video you can see it more simple.

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