How to achieve anything you set your mind


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The first thing to understand is that human beings tend to complicate itself, because continuosly triggers a defense mechanism against any new or unknown situation.

This causes unconsciously halt or dilate all kinds of actions and this is common to all. Sorry to disappoint you if you thought you were sole in this regard. We happens to all it, is not a question of culture, or race, or education levels, social, DNA or a singularity temporary-space. It is something we all human beings have inside.

The difference is to be clear about this and handle it according to our convenience.

So I think that most of the difference between success and failure depends in to stay in action.

Constant action causes results, the results lead to learning and learning leads to overcoming (success). Therefore we can say that ACTION = SUCCESS.

Beyond the positive or negative results. Negative results comprising a learning and therefore a possibility of fix them.

At the time I’m writing this, my mind can put me doubts, about as writing or communicating a message and if I pay attention to this, it is likely that it taking me too long to develop or perhaps with the possibility of never finish. It is best to let it flow, without any mental barriers, free from distractions, focusing on the idea, when finished there will be time to review and correct what it takes. The important thing is to finish what we started.

If we can control our thoughts and enjoy advance the achievement of any action or entrepreneurship, this causes us to forget or attenuate pain or sacrifice that could imply.Dr. House

Consider an extreme case To achieve understanding. The doctor says, “You have a serious but treatable disease, treatment is painful and means a great sacrifice, but the result is to be fully cured and will have a better standard of living than anyone”

How would face this? There are two ways.

Someone might say, “I do not have any symptoms, yet I feel good and initiate treatment means a painful process and a great sacrifice, the better I stay as I am and see what happens,” Excuse me the sincerity, but I think is this what would say a loser. But although I must also admit that it may be the first thing that we comes to mind and is our unconscious mechanism defense against the sacrifice and pain.

So, what would say a successful or a winner? “Being fully cured and have a better standard of living is sufficient excuse for any kind of sacrifice and endure the pain” in that moment the mind only show the result, “Having a better standard of living than anyone and be totally cured” everything else becomes irrelevant.

But what if this will apply to business? It is exactly the same, our mind is what guides us towards results and we have the power to control them. This is what distinguishes us as human beings, but sometimes we don’t remember.

Take action, let it flow, evaluates results, corrects and if necessary try again. Never stop.

Finally I leave you with a thought that has guided me throughout my life.
“Never go to sleep thinking something is impossible… because the noise of someone else doing it can wake you up!!!”

3 thoughts on “How to achieve anything you set your mind

  1. awesome post, when you said, “The important thing is to finish what we started.” was totally exactly what I needed to here.

    1. Yes, is a great point. And I would add, is the only manner to start again and grow.
      Therefore, if you do not finish, you do not advance.
      Thanks for commenting, Joss.

  2. Exceptional post however , I was anting to know if you could write a litte more on tgis subject?

    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further.

    Bless you!

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