Most important you need to know about personal videos.


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One of the most important guidelines is not complicate your life to make a video.

Video CameraYou do not need a sophisticated camera, a set of appropriate lighting, a study with good decor, a wide spectrum microphone with clip, or anything like that. It is true that if you have this, quality may increase, but the content which is definitely important thing, no. You will not have better content, nor have a better spreading the message by having a better team.

We fall back into the common denominator, the key is to take action, no matter if you start filming with a video camera of 5cellular camera pixels of a cell phone. You need only to consider the voice clarity and lighting suitable, this is best accomplished by recording to the full light of day, trying to be in places with minimal ambient sound, avoiding the wind and having the care that the microphone is at a safe distance.

Try it and enjoy it. this is very important, to be natural, don’t read any script, you do not need a certain pose, let it flow, just do it, it is essential that you enjoy, this is transmitted and the people who will see the video, will enjoy too.

recordedAnother point that you must consider is be focused, try to center the image from the waist up, not leaving interlocutor a la derechatoo much space on high or wide. Unless you’re describing a landscape you have behind. In this particular case you must decide which is more important, the landscape or the interlocutor, since the most important, need to be on the right. Because people tend to focus more in this sector.


The example you can see in clothing brands, always located on the left side of the garment, from the right point of view of the observer, in the magazines can also see that you take more marca de ropaattention to advertising that is in the right side from your point of view, per se is more expensive advertising if you want to hire on that side. Do not ask me the scientific basis for this, because it would be a long story, one that I like personally is the that says it has to do with the emotional side because the heart is usually located on the right side from the point of view of the observer (Although is incorrect, because it is centered with a slight deviation to the right side). I do not think that is the correct explanation, but it is accepted by many marketers.

Prepare before recording the video, knows the topic that you will speak or at least have it clear the concept, if you’re going to improvise, this is so that it can record in one segment and prevent editing.

Remember it is better a natural video with some errors that one perfect and boring.

Of course, take a shower, review your teeth if you’ve eaten before and try be combed. Hahaha!!!

Must not have stage fright, do not believe they will not like, in the time you make more recordings, you’re going to improve, it is a natural process.

Remember that the most important is the message, you need be focused on this, if you feel and believe in the message, the people will believe it.

If you think you’ll succeed, definitely will.

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  1. Great info. I worked in advertising for years and everything you say is correct. Newspapers always charge more for right page advertising…people tend to stare to the right when they envisage the future….and the left when they are recalling the past. Children tend to be taught to walk the corridors on the left side at school…they focus more on what’s happening to their right…preventing accidents etc…..the examples are endless. Useful tips here Daniel

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