Targets for Excellence (Simplified Guide) – Part Two


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I hope you’ve started the process a you have experienced the power of imagination and feeling that dreams can become a reality.

Do not hesitate and will open a new world before your eyes. What you did not see now you’ll see, what you do not feel, you’ll feel, your senses will be tuned so you enjoy every moment, while you perceive everything that happens around you, to improve automatically your habits to improving your actions.

Do it

Ready to continue, now we go to analyze one of the most important concepts, “why” :



I think this is the most important reason to that we fulfill our goals, but very few ask.

When we have a real reason there is no mental, human or natural force, which will can stop us to achieve this..

I’ll feel better, more security for my family, best image before my clients is a fundamental tool for the development of my business.

In this way you will find out if it really is important to you.

Knowing why you do is the driving force that will always cause you to move on and provoke results.


You should always recognize the real reasons why you could make more effort or a change in habits.

You have to define why, because if you do not have the control, means that you stopped exercising the right you have to decide your future.

Define how you will feel when you reach a goal, helps you find the why and be focused.

Do not you know why?, No can define it?, discard you this, if you can not define it, continues with another, do not waste time with commitments that can not meet, it is not daydream, is to be realistic. When you comply your first goals, certainly after you will arise better challenges.

If you do not know exactly why, surely you’re not sure the results you want to achieve.

Now we define the goals, which are short-term (six months, one year), medium term (2-5 years), long term (10 years or more)

After this you should define the actions (which can also be targets as appropriate) daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly; if we may dismember more, we are able to simplify what we propose.

You must define yourself to accomplish each goal in exact dates. If you do not, you’ll always leave things for later and you’ll never do.

Try to visualize the obstacles you might have to make your goals, this will help you confront and resolve this in if necessary.

Never you need to focus in the problem, you need focus on the solution.

Do not expect everything to be perfect, if you expect everything to be perfect to start, never will.

We must always keep them close at hand to review them and remember them until we become them a habit.

We must realize that we are not free to make mistakes along the way, and this is just a guideline to correct the process and move on.

Michael Jordan 2

It is normal and you should allow yourself, delayed you if is absolutely necessary to improve, but you should never let you stop.


What should I do or improve to achieve everything I want.?

One must be aware and committed to what to do. Well say that everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

Think positive, be positive, surround yourself with positive people and rejects everything negative.

In this regard you can rely on thousands of readings and motivational trainings that are on the network, through classics like “The Greatest Salesman in the World” Og Mandino or “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill as an example.

Not receive advice from people with empty pockets, ignore those people.

The least expensive merchandise that there, is to give advice. Many are willing to give them, but few are willing to following it’.


Am I willing?

Willpower is an important factor that you need to grow. Force yourself to get up half an hour early, start by the most tedious and boring tasks, to go ahead despite of all, to be better, comb your hair different, dress you different, force yourself to change.

Be very careful not to paralyze yourself by fear of failure that is common to all, when our mind has the slightest doubt that we will fail, we become paralyzed and discard our projects, do not fall into this trap, always keep in mind, look for options, do not settle, do not stop.

It is better to have tried and failed, which you never trying it, so this way you will know what does not work and in the learning will continue to grow.Do it now!

I recommend reading the article I wrote not long ago: “Mental Obstacles that hinder any business”

Failures are only signs for us to correct our path. Failure is part of success.

There is NOTHING you can not accomplish if you’re determined to do it, you dedicate the necessary time and are willing to not give up despite the obstacles.

And if you are going through your head that is easy to say, is that to you are already is attacking by fears, you must force yourself to do it, because it is the only one thing that will make to you differ you from others.

Visualize results and imagine the satisfaction you will get.

Never be afraid to fail, “The greatest failure is never having tried”.

Evaluate results. On a sheet of paper, divide it into three columns, the first, scores the goal, in the second the benefits (positive) and the third which would prevent you realize it (the negative). This exercise is really good to know if you are willing to pay the price to achieve it.

Do not push too much, always leaves time to enjoy life.

You must be willing to change, if you’re not willing to change you will not get what you deserve.

And most importantly, you need have to 99.99% of conviction (I do not believe in 100), if you have a 99.98% do not hesitate, THROW IT AWAY, because you will not achieve it, IS NO WAY TO ACHIEVE IT, not waste your time, FOCUS ON THE WHAT IF YOU CAN ACHIEVE.

We did not get what we just propose us, but yes what we deserve because of our efforts and dedication.

I wish read your comment.

Daniel De Nicoló
(P.S.: English is my second language and I’m still learning)


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