Born in Argentina, currently residing in Mexico, have drawn the last 6 years in the relentless pursuit to unravel the network to differentiate opportunities for the large number of meaningless illusions what is handled without any responsibility.

I attended college in the career of marketing and advertising. But since the 80’s I got my first computer in my hands, a Sinclair 1000 with 1 kb of memory and cassette tape programs, these have been my passion has always been through several stages in the first as a translator programmer , at that time it was done from the code base, going through be a software developer, after I dedicated myself the area of maintenance, repair and sale of PCs, and from more than 15 years working in the wonderful world of Internet.

I have made great achievements in traditional MLM business, managing to be Chief Executive Committee member of a prestigious company. By my personal development and achievements, jointly with a passion for computers, is born in me a concern to transfer these experiences to the world of opportunities that the network offers.




My commitment No. 1, my daughter Adriana, the reason for my existence and the excuse to keep going every day with more and more force to achieve all objectives.






My support, my calm, my guide, my friend and wife, Elizabeth, without which everything is too complicated. A great woman who supports my existence and joins me in the most difficult undertakings. A place of peace to the chaos.